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Graduation Requirements

All Stuyvesant High School students beginning with the Class of 2007 (unless otherwise noted) must complete a minimum of the following courses between grades 9-12:

Subject Area Course Requirements Is passing a NYS Regents Exam Required? Miscellany
English 4 years, grades 9-12
  • English Regents
  • Social Studies 4 years, grades 9-12. If a year of history (e.g., Global History I) is completed in 8th Grade, two terms of history courses must be substituted.
  • Global History Regents
  • US History Regents
  • Sciences
  • Regents Living Environment
  • Regents Chemistry
  • Regents Physics
  • 1 year of Science electives (2 years if Living Environment and Regents taken in 8th Grade)
  • Living Environment Regents
  • Chemistry Regents
  • Physics Regents
  • Science Electives may be any science course except Lab Techniques, Vertebrate Zoology, Intel Research classes, and Psychology courses. AP Psychology will count as a science elective under certain conditions (see Online Course Guide).
    Mathematics 3 years of Mathematics, grades 9-12
  • Math A Regents
  • Math B Regents
  • Math Research, Math Team, and Computer Science courses do not fulfill the Math requirement. Beginning with the class of 2009, successful completion of Pre-calculus or Advanced Algebra is required.
    World Languages 3 years of the same language at Stuyvesant. Regents Exam after Level 6

    A minimum of Language Level 6 must be completed.

    If students have completed 3 years of language study and passed the Regents in junior high school, they must choose a new language, complete 3 years of study, and pass the Regents in the new language
    Health and Physical Education
  • 8 terms of Physical Education
  • 1 term of Health Education
  • No Students who fail any Physical Education class must make up the class in Summer School.
    Technology Education
  • 1 term of Tech Graphic Communications TDS11
  • 1 term of Intro to Computer Science, MKS21
  • 1 term of 5 period Tech Lab
  • 1 term of 10 period Tech Lab
  • No

    There is no exemption from 5 Tech.

    Students who successfully complete participation in the Band, Orchestra or Chorus are exempted from 10Tech.

    Students who complete a 2-pd Intel Research class and submit a paper to Intel are exempted from 10Tech.

    Music and Fine Arts Education
  • 1 term Art Appreciation
  • 1 term Music Appreciation
  • No Students in the Band, Orchestra or Chorus (for at least three terms) are exempted from Music Appreciation.
    Miscellaneous 2 terms of Senior Electives (one course taken each term of senior year) No This requirement can be fulfilled by taking any one-credit course that is not being taken to fulfill another requirement. Intel Research classes do not fulfill this requirement.