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February 26 and 27 in the 3rd floor gym at 3:55 PM.

Open to all grade levels and experience levels. The no-cuts will be two days of drills and games aimed at preparing students for the actual try out. It is strongly recommended to anyone seriously interested in trying out for the team.

A Medical Form and a Parental Consent Form are mandatory; both can be downloaded from the Stuy.edu website.

-The Medical Form must be fully completed by you, a parent and a doctor. The doctor must sign, stamp and date the form. Be sure they also provide all other information that is requested on the form. FYI: The Registry Number is their NYS License number. Your doctor does not need to attach any other medical history or other forms.
*Athletes who were on other teams during the 2019 fall and winter seasons can use a copy of their old Medical Forms located in room 501A.

-The Parental Consent Form must be read and signed by you and a parent. Be sure your parent puts their initials at the end of every bullet.


Dates: March 1st (round 1) & March 2nd (round 2)

Location/Time: 3rd floor gym @ 3:55.

Please have the all appropriate forms or you will be turned away at the door.

For further inquiry, contact Mr. Choubaralian at vchoubaralian@schools.nyc.gov.

Posted on February 11, 2020 • Updated on February 23, 2020