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School Policies

Any student who violates Stuyvesant Regulations or Department of Education Regulations may be suspended from school.  In addition to being suspended, privileges such as leaving the building for lunch and participation in after school activities and PSAL events may be revoked.  It is expected that students will be respectful towards one another and all staff members.  It is also expected that all students will be respectful of the facility and not litter or graffiti the building or the desks.


Students must abide by the Cell Phone Policy linked to the left on this website.
• Cell phones and other communication devices may only be used in the cafeteria and library during lunch/free periods.  Students must have permission from a staff member to use a device in a classroom or office.  Electronic devices may be used after 3:50 pm for after-school activities.  Devices used in violation of this policy will be confiscated.
• Confiscated items will only be returned to a parent or a legal guardian.  To claim an item, please come to room 103 after 3:35pm.


Students should wear appropriate attire to school.  Guidelines for appropriate dress include the following:
• Sayings and illustrations on clothing should be in good taste.
• Shoulders, undergarments, midriffs and lower backs should not be exposed.
• The length of shorts, dresses and skirts should extend below the fingertips with the arms straight at your side.  


• Students are only permitted to ride the elevator with a valid pass. Passes may be obtained by bringing proper medical documentation to room 371.
• Students who ride the elevator without a pass, will be subject to disciplinary action.


• Involvement in extracurricular activities requires good academic standing.  
• All clubs/pubs must be registered with the student union and have a faculty advisor on record.  
• All meetings must be scheduled to start after 10th period.  Clubs/Pubs must reserve rooms with the SU.  This can be done at www.stuysu.org.  
• All classrooms must be left in their original condition.  Failure to do so will result in classrooms being locked and limited student access for activities.


• Students must abide by the "Hallway Code of Conduct" linked to the left on this website. They are permitted to congregate in the following areas:
       1st floor: entranceway, not near the music rooms on the ‘west wing’ of the building
       2nd floor: not past the double doors by the ‘west wing’ of the building
• Please do not partake in any sporting activity in the hallways, including basketball, baseball, Frisbee or hacky sack.  Any confiscated sporting equipment will be donated to the physical education department.


• Lockers are school property and can be searched at any time.
• All students must take their assigned locker, and only freshmen should be sharing lockers.  Students found sharing/selling lockers will have their locker and lunch privileges revoked.


Students who remain in the Cafeteria for lunch must abide by the "Cafeteria Code of Conduct" linked to the left on this website.

• Students are permitted to leave the building for lunch during their designated lunch period.  Students may leave during a free period (pd. 3-9) after a parent signs the           Parental Consent form found on the school website.  This form must be submitted each semester.
• Students may not leave the building with a temporary ID.  
• Students leaving the building will be allowed to return 5 minutes before the end of the period.  
• Students must return to the building by the end of the lunch period, not during passing.
• Students are not permitted to bring food purchased outside of the building during lunch or after school back into the building.
• Students who eat in hallways or classrooms may be subject to disciplinary action.  The only acceptable place to eat food is the cafeteria, located on the 5th floor.  
• Please keep in mind that leaving the building for lunch is a privilege.  This privilege may be revoked if any of the above mentioned policies are not adhered to.

Revised 1/28/2020