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World Languages
Stuyvesant High School offers a broad range of world languages: French, German, Japanese, Latin, Chinese and Spanish. Students who enter Stuyvesant having passed the Regents/LOTE Language Exam or who have a high level of proficiency in a particular language must begin a new language and complete a three-year sequence in the school. Note: the middle school Second Language Proficiency (SLP) exam is not the LOTE. 
Spanish language classes run from Level I through V; French, Chinese, Latin and Japanese classes run through Level IV. Beginning 2019, German will also run through Level IV.
  • Students are required to take three years of a world language in our building and complete a Regents/LOTE exam in that language.
  • Students must commit to one language for three years. For example, if the student begins with Latin 1, the student is required to complete a 3-year sequence in that language. If a student is continuing with a particular language, he/she is still required to complete three years during their 4 years at Stuyvesant.
  • Language classes that fulfill the three year requirement at Stuyvesant are designed to be taught as Second Language Classes, NOT as Heritage or Native Language Class.

  1.  Begin a new language (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin or Spanish)
        2. Continue studying the language they have studied in Middle School: Mandarin
            Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin or Spanish, pending availability.  
  • Students must list three different choices for language classes on the Biographical Sheet. The program office places the student in one of their three choices by lottery. If the Biographical Sheet does not list three choices, the student will be programmed randomly.
  • Students who enter Stuyvesant having passed the middle school SLP will be awarded one year of credit in a language. After completing Level II and III and passing the appropriate Regents/LOTE exam, those students will be programmed to take an additional year in the language to complete the required three-year sequence for the Stuyvesant-endorsed diploma.
  • Students who studied a language in middle school and passed the proficiency exam (SLP) in that language will be placed in the second year course for that language.
  • Language placement is based on availability, performance and programming restrictions.