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The American Mathematics Competition (AMC)

This competition is open to students in all classes at all levels. Members of Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Honors Precalculus and Math Team classes are required to sit for the exam. They will be automatically registered for the AMC A exam. If they choose, they can also sit for the AMC B exam.

9th and 10th grades are encouraged to sign up for the AMC-10 exam, but are also eligible for the AMC-12.

11th and 12th grades are encouraged to sign up for the AMC-12 exam.

Stuyvesant offers both the AMC A and the AMC B exam, giving students two opportunities to maximize their scores.

MAA Web page about the competitions: AMC 10/12 Page

Practice for AMC 10/12

Past AMC problems can be found on the Art of Problem Solving website. Students who want to improve their score should practice these problems. The questions generally increase in difficulty as they go from 1 - 25. A good strategy for most students is to be sure they can do the first few problems, but to spend more time practicing Questions 8-18.

Also remember that you receive 6 points for each question you answer correctly, 1.5 points for each question you leave blank, and 0 for each incorrect answer. For this reason, randomly guessing will often result in a lower score than you would get by leaving them blank.

Stuyvesant Students

If you wish to register for the AMC exams, please complete the AMC Registration Form.


Stuyvesant allows students from schools not offering the AMC to take the exam at Stuyvesant. If you are interested in taking the exam at Stuyvesant, please complete the form: AMC Visitors Form