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Course Opportunities

Incoming students have two choices when it comes to electives in the Mathematics Department. These courses are Math Team and Math Research. More information about them is available here.

Mathematics Placement Examination

All incoming students will take a math placement exam so as to determine the mathematics course most appropriate for them. There are two forms of the placement exam:

Form A

Students who have completed one full year of Algebra 1

Form G

Students who have completed at least:

One full year of Algebra 1 and one full year of Geometry

Part 2

All Students. This section of the exam tests their problem solving skills. It is factored in to placement decisions for all students, but is especially used to place students in the Honors track or into Math Team classes.

Advanced Placement

Students who have completed a full year of Geometry and who pass the Form G placement exam will be placed into Algebra 2. Students who have completed a full year of Geometry and who received at least a 90 on their Geometry Regents will also be placed into Algebra 2, regardless of their placement exam score. For all students the placement exam will help determine whether or not they are placed into the Honors track.

Otherwise, their placement will depend on the results of the placement exam. Our freshman Geometry course differs significantly from a Regents Geometry course. In the fall, students are given a semester or Euclidean Geometry, spending the term learning basic logic and applying it to proofs. The entire semester is spent on proof-writing and serves as a foundation in mathematical reasoning and proof that will be needed for our advanced courses. In the spring, students continue with a semester of Analytic Geometry, applying geometric ideas and proofs to the coordinate plane. Throughout the year, students are given problems that go far beyond the Regents exam in terms of challenge and difficulty. After this course, students will be well prepared for the advanced mathematics, proofs and derivations that they will see in the other Stuyvesant math courses.

Placement Topics

A list of study topics is attached below.