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Mathematics Department
Grading and Testing Policies

The purpose of this notice is to explain the
testing policy and the basis for determining report card grades. For the
exact grade break down, please see the course contract.

  1. Teachers will schedule the equivalent of no fewer than two full-period exams per marking period. All full-period tests will be given on Thursdays; the only exceptions are the weeks that contain a holiday. If the teacher is absent for a scheduled test, and does not make arrangements for the test to be administered by the substitute, the test will be given the following Thursday.
  2. Quizzes may also be given, whether announced or unannounced. Quizzes that are unannounced or given on a day that is not a math test day, may not be more than 10 minutes in length.
  3. The Final Exam or Regents Exam is weighted as 20% of the grade.
  4. Attendance and punctuality are necessary for success in a course of study. Absence notes from a parent or guardian are required upon the student’s return to class.
  5. Students who are medically excused (absent) on test days must have their parent call or email the teacher to report their child’s illness on this test day and leave a telephone number or email address to contact the parent. Students who follow this procedure will be given a make-up test upon their return to school.
    1. In the event that a parent has not called or emailed the teacher and the student has returned to class, the teacher will administer the makeup test, but it will NOT be graded until the parent has spoken with the teacher.
    2. If this occurs a second time, a meeting will be arranged with the AP, teacher and parent prior to the test being graded.
  6. Homework is assigned at least four times a week. In the event of student absence from class, it is the responsibility of the student to call or email a classmate to obtain the assignment. Students are required to have the phone numbers or email addresses of at least two classmates.