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Mr. Jim Cocoros (Head Coach) (contact)
Mr. Glen Chew
Mr. Stan Kats
Mr. Aziz Jumash
Mr. Brian Sterr
Mr. David Peng

Current Members
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About the Team
The Stuyvesant High School Mathematics Team welcomes students with a wide range of abilities. The math team meets every day during 1st period. Students are placed in different rooms according to their grade level and are taught mathematics problem solving techniques which should be helpful for all math courses. Students are given short answer and long answer problems to solve from various city, state, and national math competitions. All students participate in the city, state and national competitions, which are administered in class. To be on the Stuyvesant Math Team, a student must be in the Math Team class.

Students are selected for freshman math team on the basis of their placement exam scores. There are only 68 seats available and typically around 400 freshmen sign up for the team. As such, selection is competitive. Students may also join in February of their freshman year, after participating in a tryout.

Students who wish to join as sophomores, juniors or seniors will be considered on the basis of their AMC scores.

The Stuyvesant Math Team holds practices after school every Friday from 3:45 - 5pm. These are open to all members of the team.

AMC 10/12
All math team students are required to take the AMC 10A or 12A exam. They may also sign up to take the AMC 10B or 12B exam in addition to the A exam. Students who do well are invited to the AIME exam. Last year, there were 68 Stuyvesant students invited to take this prestigious examination. Students who are not currently on the math team, but are interested in joining in the future should practice AMC problems and take the AMC exam, as those scores will help in determining their qualification for the math team.

New York City Math Team
Strong students from Stuyvesant are often selected to represent New York City at other competitions at MIT and Princeton as well as the annual New York State Math League (NYSML) and American Regions Math League (ARML) competitions.