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Social Studies
Courses NYSED Codes Formerly Miscellany
Global History 1 & 2 HGS41 & HGS42 H1G & H2G Full-year course.
Advanced Topics in Global Studies -- -- Full-year course.
Big History -- -- Full-year course.
AP Human Geography HPS21X & HPS22X -- Full-year course.
Courses NYSED Codes Formerly Miscellany
Global History 3 & 4 HGS43 & HGS44 H3G & H4G Full-year course.
AP World History HGS43XW & HGS44XW H3WX & H4WX Full-year course. By application.
AP European History HGS43XE & HGS44XE H3GX & H4GX Full-year course. By application.
Courses NYSED Codes Formerly Miscellany
U.S. History HUS21 & HUS22 H53 & H64 Fall term.
AP U.S. History HUS21X & HUS22X H53X & H64X Full-year course. By application.
Courses NYSED Codes Formerly Miscellany
American Government HVS11 H7V Single-term course.
AP American Government HVS11X H7PX Fall and Spring Term. By application. Open to students taking AP Economics.
AP Comparative Government HTS11X HG7X Spring term only. H7V or H7PX a pre- or corequisite. By application the previous Spring.
Economics HES11 H8 Single-term.
AP US Government and Politics Integrated with Economics HVS11XG & HES11XG - Seniors only. By application.
AP Macroeconomics HES21X H8AX Fall term only. By application
AP Microeconomics HES22X H8IX Spring term only. AP Macroeconomics a prerequisite. By application.
Courses NYSED Codes Formerly Miscellany
Geopolitics HRS11QGP HG5PGP Single-term course. Sophomore, Juniors & Seniors.
Regeneron: Social Science Research HSS86QJI HS6RA, HS7RA, HS5R5, HS6R5, HS7R5 Spring Term - Juniors; Fall Term - Seniors.
Modern China HRS11QMC HE3PMC Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors.
New York City History HRS11QNY HE5PNY Spring term only. Juniors & Seniors.
Criminal Law - Fall term only. Juniors & Seniors.
Civil Law - Spring term only. Juniors & Seniors.
Wanderings: The World Through The Jewish Experience HRS11QEJ HE3PJE Fall term only. Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors.
Western Political Thought HRS21QPT & HRS22QPT HE5WPT & HE6WPT Full-year course. Juniors & Seniors.
AP Social Psychology HBS21X/HBS22X- Full year course. Juniors & Seniors.