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The Ace Mentor Program
The Ace Mentor Program sponsors 15-20 Stuyvesant students per year. Student work in teams at Architectural, Engineering and Construction firms, where they participate in current projects under the supervision of a mentor. Summer internships are also available through this program.
CONTACT: Mr Lonardo
Introduction to Architecture
"Introduction to Architecture" field trip hosted by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Students visit major Architectural/Engineering firms in Manhattan where they observed a variety projects in progress and learned about the career areas, nature of the work and the education required. The AIA is interested in working with us to provide exposure and develop internship programs for our students in architecture and engineering.
Recent trips: 
Rockwell Architecture Group - responsible for Planet Hollywood, Disney World etc. 
Tour of the Javits Center - designed by I. M. Pei.   
Hillier International Corp. - exterior design and engineering.  
Fox and Fowler International - structural engineering. 
Robert Stern Company - (Stuyvesant Alumnus) - residential structures.
CONTACT: Mr Lonardo

Lemelson- MIT Invention Apprenticeship
The Invention Apprenticeship is an annual experiential award presented to a high school student for remarkable inventiveness. The winning student is paired with a leading engineer, technologist, scientist and/or entrepreneur "Invention Mentor". In a professional environment, the student participates in projects ranging from research to product development.
CONTACT: Mr Lonardo
N.Y.C. School Construction Authority
Each summer, 20 - 30 Stuyvesant students participate in internship programs sponsored by the N.Y.C. School Construction Authority. Students are paid and work on current projects where they are able to choose areas of interest to themselves such as structural engineering, computer aided design (CAD), architectural design etc. Students are also eligible for part time work during the school year.
CONTACT: Mr Lonardo