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College Office

Q: What should I be doing in my junior year to prepare for the college application process?


A: Great question!  See the junior timeline below.




·         Your junior year begins, which typically marks the start of your college selection process.


·         Make sure to activate your Naviance account if you did not do so in grade 10


·         Review the updated College Office handbook available on the Stuy website



·         Prepare for the PSAT/NMSQT. This exam is also National Merit Scholarships Qualifying Test. In addition, it is excellent practice for the SAT. PSAT or SAT scores do not appear on your high school transcript.


·       Take the PSAT/NMSQT exam.  Use your results to prepare a study plan for the SATs.

·       Preliminary Programming for next term begins.  Carefully consider the courses you will be taking.  Make sure you are fulfilling all of your graduation requirements. Refer to your Guidance Counselor and also your Stuyvesant Student Planner. It lists all graduation requirements and includes a check-off list for your completed courses. 



·       Plan and register to take standardized tests.  

§  SAT 

§  SAT Subject Tests

Please visit www.collegeboard.org for all information regarding the SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Tests, including registration deadlines, testing dates and locations, and other useful information. Please be sure to check individual college websites for specific SAT Subject Test requirements!

§  ACT Plus Writing

Please visit www.actstudent.org for all information regarding the ACT Plus Writing exam, including registration deadlines, testing dates and locations, and other useful information

·        If you haven’t already, begin to familiarize yourself with Naviance and its college and career exploration tools and data. You will use Naviance to communicate your college applications with your college counselor in the senior year. The College Office will use Naviance to submit your supporting documents to colleges, including our high school profile, your transcript, senior year program, SSR and CommonApp Evaluation, etc.





·         The college counselors meet with all junior English classes to present on Naviance and the college search & admissions process.  The College Office presents college application related matters to parents at the Parent Night.

·         Complete the College Planning survey in Naviance in preparation for your upcoming meeting with your college counselor. Make sure to include add your parents to your account so they will receive their family meeting invitation!

·         Students who are eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch are eligible for SAT and ACT Fee Waivers.  Please come to the College Office to obtain fee waivers. 



·       Family College Counseling appointments begin

·         For the College Office, the SSR must be completed online by the end of March.

·         Our individual Parent/Student after-school college consultation meetings begin this month.  Sign up for your 30-minute family interview with your college counselor slot via the youcanbook.me invite sent via email

·         You need to become familiar with the college resources available at school:

§  Naviance Family Connection at https://connection.naviance.com/stuyvesant

§  The Stuyvesant Library has a collection of College Reference Guides and Standardized Test prep materials.

§  The College Office page on Stuyvesant High School’s website:http://stuy.enschool.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=126943&type=d.

§  Individual colleges’ websites. 

·         Preliminary Programming for your senior year begins. 

·         Review your high school transcript for accuracy. 

·         Research and apply for summer programs. 

·         Make sure you register to take the Advanced Placement exam(s) by the deadline.


Attend College Night at the end of April with your parent. College Night is a very special event that affords you and your family an excellent opportunity to listen to and speak with the college representatives who visit Stuyvesant.

·         You should be familiar with Naviance Family Connection and maintaining the “colleges I’m thinking about” list

·         Make sure you have input your current email address into your Naviance Family Connection .  The College Office often emails important information to you. We recommend your use the same email address for your Naviance Family Connection and Common App accounts.



·         Take the SAT Reasoning Test or SAT Subject Test(s). You may not take both SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Test(s) on the same day. It is advisable that you take no more than two SAT Subject tests on one day.

·         Ask two of your teachers from different subject areas to write a college letter of recommendation for you.  Ask them what email address they prefer to receive this request.

·         Advanced Placement Exams are offered.

·         If you are applying to a Service Academy (West Point, Annapolis, etc.), you must apply now to your Senator or Representative for a Service Academy Nomination.     

·         Continue researching colleges through Naviance, other online resources, printed literature, etc. 



·         Take the SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Tests, and /or ACT exams.

·         Before the summer, confirm with the teachers who have agreed to write your college letters of recommendation.

·         If you have not asked any teachers yet, please do so now. 




Have a productive summer.  Consider a variety of activities.

·       Research the various colleges.  You want to find a college that will likely be a good match for you. 

·       Visit college campuses if possible. 

·       Continue to navigate your Naviance Family Connection. You are encouraged to compile a list of colleges in “colleges I’m thinking about.” You may add as many colleges as you want in this section.



·         Create an account on www.commonapp.org.  Please remember your username and password, since you will be logging in and out numerous times in the following months.

·         Continue to navigate through your Naviance Family Connection.

·         Start  your college essay!  Many colleges also make their supplements available over the summer.