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College Office

What is Naviance?

Naviance is a web-based research and planning tool for Stuyvesant students, parents, and guidance counselors. The website manages individual students as they move through the entire college planning, application, and decision process. Presentation documents and student opportunity bulletins are shared with students and parents through the Naviance document library.  Through Naviance, counselors and students can communicate about upcoming deadlines and important notices. In addition, Naviance builds a history of Stuyvesant application trends and acceptance histories. This data helps both students and counselors grasp emerging trends in application results to better guide students towards realistic college planning. Our college counselors also use Naviance's EDocs to electronically submit transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other important application documents to the colleges to which our seniors apply. Naviance will be your first and most important resource for college planning.  

How do Stuy students gain access to Naviance?

All Stuy students grades 9-12 received an email via their stuy.edu email address containing instructions and a unique access code that will grant them access to Naviance. Students who have yet to activate their Naviance accounts should check their stuy.edu email for their activation email and follow the instructions within.  

Ninth graders (Class of 2022) received an email granting them access to their Naviance accounts on the afternoon of November 15.  

**Parents MUST be added to their child's Naviance account if they would like to receive email communications from the College Office.**


How do Parents register and log-in?

Your child must register you as a parent (with your name and email address). They must log in to their Naviance account and:

-click on"About me"

-click on "my account"

-click on "parents/guardians" and then click on the red circle icon with the + in it

-enter at least a working email address for a parent and click "save"

Then, email our College Office secretary to request that the parent account (s) be activated.  

Students should enter "PLEASE ACTIVATE PARENT ACCOUNT" in the subject of the email and include only the student's name and official class within the body of the email.

Ms. DeMasi: ademasi2251@stuy.edu


Ms. Tosto: jtosto3@schools.nyc.gov

Parents will then receive an email through which you can access your account. You may then use Naviance to view your child’s account and conduct college research.  You will also then receive all email communications from the Stuyvesant HS College Office.