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Biology Courses
Advanced Topics

This is an advanced, honors-level, pre AP Biology class. This course is designed for the student who has already taken and passed the New York State Living Environment Regents course and examination.

The curriculum is based on the College Entrance Exam Board’s (CEEB), SAT II Biology Curriculum. As such the academic rigor, activities, expectations, and depth and diversity of topics  go well beyond the regular New York State Living Environment course. This includes analysis of primary journal articles and the study of relevant, real-life case studies on humans and plant physiology.  

Briefly the additional in depth topics are:

Science inquiry, student authored  lab project based assignments, organic and biochemistry, bioenergetics, evolutionary polyphyletics, cytology, animal and plant anatomy and physiology, animal and plant reproduction, Mendelian genetics, molecular genetics, bioinformatics, evolutionary development and population and community biology.

This course will serve as a pre-requisite for AP Biology and AP Psychology.