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Biology Courses
Genetics Research

The student goals of this one-term course are to:
  • Explore the study of heredity across species
  • Become proficient in the practice and interpretation of classical genetic analysis
  • Connect classical genetic studies with modern genomic approaches
  • The Central Question: What's up with DNA? Some history -
  • Genetics was initially a study of traits that are passed from generation to generation.
  • Farmers and breeders were really the first geneticists. Why do you think so?
  • Mendel's studies led to a curiosity about the basis for inheritance.
  • Modern genetic analysis emerged years later with Morgan's studies of flies.
  • Modern understanding of gene expression emerged with Jacob and Monod's work.
  • The Human Genome project promises to identify the genetic basis for many diseases.
How we will study this subject:
  • Classroom Instruction
  • Classical analysis techniques: Punnett squares, Probabilities
  • Chromosomes and heredity I: Linkage and Epistasis
  • Chromosomes and heredity II: Genetic Diseases, Pedigrees
  • Molecular basis of heredity: DNA and Gene expression, The Central Dogma
  • Human Genomics: Approaches and Implications, Ethics
Laboratory Studies/Field work: Trip To DNA Learning Center West at Cold Spring Harbor
  • Individual students will analyze their own DNA on a one-day trip to CSH!
  • Lab reports will involve analysis of student data and use of NIH databases.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of Modern Living Environment or equivalents, Biology/LE Regents Proficiency. Genetics Research is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors in the fall term only.

Fulfillment of Requirements: Genetics Research is a prerequisite and/or co-requisite for AP Biology.

Grading Policy and Assessments: 70% Exams including cumulative final, 20% Lab reports and Homework assignments, 10% Daily oral class participation and In-class assessments.