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Biology Courses
Medical Internship

This course is designed for students interested in a medical career. The major focus is a placement in a medical setting where each student works side by side with a medical professional in a hands-on fashion. Selected students will be assigned to various departments at local hospitals to work with doctors, patients and in labs. Students will rotate through several departments such as surgery, hematology, physical therapy, urology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, rehabilitation medicine and nursing administration. Classwork will deal with the most modern problems in urology, immunology, social service, nutrition, patient care, hematology, cardio-pulmonary mechanics, and other relevant matters. At the hospitals, students will participate in discussions on medical ethics, occupational therapy, outpatient treatment, instrumentation, and supervision.

Grades will be determined after a consultation with the on-site coordinator of each placement and the teacher of the class. Students are required to keep a daily log which includes procedures, observations, personal comments, interpretation of data and conclusions. Students will also give a summary of their log in an oral presentation and write a research report based on current health or medical research issues related to their placement assignment. Students must be available period 10 most days for 8 hours each week and be qualified to become a student volunteer at the hospital. Students must have a social security number, working papers, parental consent, a medical examination and updated immunology shots.

After successfully registering for the course (before winter recess), those students who are interested (seniors only) must see Mr. Citron in Room 704. Matching sponsoring hospitals and interested students must be done prior to the start of the course.

Spring Term only. The prerequisite is any one of the following: Medical EthicsHuman DiseasesMedical Human GeneticsMedical DiagnosisMedical Human Physiology IMedical Human Physiology II or Veterinary Medical Diagnosis