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Biology Courses
Medical Human Physiology I & II

Students will investigate how various organ systems in the human body operate. Topics will include anatomy of the human body plan, the dynamics of support and motion in the muscle and skeletal systems, maintenance of organ-systems including cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous and urinary systems. Also included are topics in fluid and electrolyte balance, reproduction, synthesis and use of energy molecules.

Students are expected to dissect a series of sheep organs to explore the complementarity of structure and function in mammalian organ systems Both courses are taught from the focus of comparative anatomy, and each student is expected to master this comparison, analyze the dissection and present conclusions in the form of a laboratory report for each unit of work. The course requirements include class participation, homework in the form of lab reports and classroom presentations. 

Students may take Medical Human Physiology I and Medical Human Physiology II out of order. Either of these courses can be used as a prerequisite for Hospital Internship. This course is only open to juniors and seniors.