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AP Psychology

AP Psychology is a two-term, college-level introduction to psychology course. It is open to all qualified juniors and seniors. Students are selected by their cumulative average for two years and their ability to write clear English. The emphasis in the class will be on acquiring basic social science concepts and applying them to research.

This is a lecture course that requires extensive class participation which is necessary to master the material. The student must read and master the material in a college level text and review book which is required as outside reading. There are several in-class unit tests that have equal weight. There is no formal mid-term or final examination. The student should be prepared to study about 5 hours each week. Since this is a demanding and rigorous sequence, prospective students should weigh carefully the requirements before electing to take this course. Students will be eligible to take the Advanced Placement Examination in May. 

Only students with a minimum Science average of 94% are eligible. Prerequisite is Modern Living Environment or Regents Living Environment Molecular

Starting with the class of 2015 AP Psychology will satisfy the science elective requirement for graduation.