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Biology Courses
AP Biology

This college-level, year-long course of study is an in-depth study for all major areas of Biology with an emphasis on molecular mechanics, geared to the preparation of the student for the Advanced Placement exam. The course is taught through lecture, active classroom discussion and laboratory projects. Students are tested on each unit and are graded on outlines they prepare of major topic areas. The student must read and master the material in a college level text and review book which is required as outside reading. There is a small cost for perishables. Students perform dissections and other laboratory exercises. Junior or Senior full year course. Students must commit themselves to completing the entire year. Students are eligible to take the AP Exam at the end of this course. Ten periods per week. 

Academic Requirements - Students much choose as a prerequisite or co-requisite from either:
A.  Biological Lab Techniques, Genetics Research, Vertebrate Zoology, Molecular Genetics, Human Medical Genetics, Human Disease, Neurobiology.   
 - OR - 
B - The Spring term of the Freshman Research Advanced Topics class or the full year Freshman Advanced Topics class (prerequisites only).  Course code for the Fall semester of Freshman Advanced Topics is SBS21QT and the course code for the Spring semester for Freshman Advanced Topics is SBS22QT.

A minimum Biology and science average of 93 required.