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Biology Courses
Senior Research For Regeneron

This class is designed for those students who wish to pursue independent biology and/or psychology research, usually in one of this city's research institutions, including, but not limited to, Cornell University Medical College, Columbia, NYU or Rockefeller University.

The students will learn to speak, write and, by extension, think as scientists as they investigate cutting-edge problems. Upon completion of the course, our students will be able to synthesize scientific data from a number of sources into a conceptual framework for their own research projects. The students will critically review original articles from such journals as PNAS, Cell, and Nature. The time-honored tradition of Journal Club will be the vehicle to mastery here; verbal presentations will thus figure prominently in this course. In addition to student presenters, professional scientists will be recruited for presentations of "Work-in-Progress." Students will develop their writing skills as they prepare research reports for the Intel competition, and other equally prestigious competitions (Seimens-Westinghouse, St. John's University, Otto Burgdorf) which provide an opportunity to showcase their work. The teachers and student peer-review boards will critique the drafts for sequential flow, logic, clarity and syntax.

See Mr. Econome in Room 704 to apply.