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Biology Courses
Forensic Science (SFS11QFS)

This course will cover all aspects of forensic science with an emphasis on inquiry-based learning. It builds on the principles and applications of biology, chemistry and physics in a laboratory setting. Students will incorporate their prior knowledge into real-world applications and experiments.

Laboratory exercises include latent fingerprinting, ballistics measurements, hair and fiber analysis, blood typing, blood spatter examination, thin-layer chromatography of toxins, a fetal pig dissection and DNA fingerprinting. Further, they will learn how to process a crime scene, conduct various assays on evidence, analyze data, psychologically profile serial murderers and use deductive reasoning and in order to reconstruct a crime. Students will learn about the legal process as well. In addition to a laboratory report and practical, students will be assessed on class participation, group projects, papers and tests.

Pre-requisite: Living Environment.

Co-requisite for Human Disease, Medical Diagnosis, and Molecular Science.