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Biology Courses
It is the intent of the Biology and Geo-Science Department to offer courses containing the most current and pertinent content and concepts in science. To this end, we offer elective courses that are career-oriented and courses for the student who has a generally high interest in science. Every basic, intermediate and advanced elective course contains a laboratory component that provides hands-on experience and practical skill in the content area.

The Biology and Geo-Science curriculum is separated into 4 major sections. The required course for graduation is Modern Biology. We also offer a Biological Science Career Program which contains laboratory courses that are pre-requisites for Advanced Placement Biology. Please note that taking a course in one career program does not limit the student to that program for subsequent course choices.

Students who have decided to go into the field of medicine should investigate our Medical Careers Program and the special courses designed to prepare students to do an internship at one of our local hospitals.

For those students interested in Environmental Studies, we offer college-level courses in Advanced Placement Environmental Science, Meteorology, Oceanography and Geology.

Selective courses in the department are those classes which need departmental approval. These courses require more time in school or after school and are for students with exceptional skills in organization, writing, and inter-personal communication. Courses include Intel Research and Advanced Placement options.