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Biology Courses

The Science Olympiad course is available ONLY to current or prospective members of the Science Olympiad Tech Team.

Students work under the supervision and guidance of Science Olympiad teacher-coaches to construct various machines, such as helicopters and hovercrafts, that are used in the New York City Regional Science Olympiad competition and the New York State Science Olympiad competition. The students are assessed on effort/teamwork and the quality of their construction on various projects.

This course fulfills the 5-Tech requirement, if taken for one term, and fulfills the 10-Tech requirement, if taken for two terms. These fulfillments do NOT overlap, meaning in order to fulfill both the 5-Tech and 10-Tech, one will have to take three terms of the class.
For more information about Science Olympiad, please visit our website, stuyoly.org, and the general website, ssoinc.org.