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Chemistry Courses
Modern Chemistry

Course Description

Modern Chemistry is a one-year course designed to provide a modern view of Chemistry suitable for students with a wide range of skills and abiltities. The topics covered provide the unifying principles of Chemistry and a basic understanding of our environment. The syllabus includes: Matter and Energy, Atomic Structurem Bonding, Periodic Table, the Mathematics of Chemisty, Kinetics and Equilibrium,m Acids and Bases, Redox and Electrochemistry, Organic Chemistry and Nuclear Chemistry. Most topics for the SAT II, such as Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Orbitals, are also included.

Course Requirements

The course meets 7 periods per week and has double period laboratories throughout the year.

Students must take the Regents Examination in June. It is strongly recommended that the students also take the SAT II at the end of May.

There are no pre- or co-requisites for this course.