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Chemistry Courses
AP Chemistry

Who should take this course?

Students who are adept at Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics and who wish to pursue the study in depth.

What will we be studying?

The first year of college Chemistry: Stoichiometry, Matter, Atomic Structure, Bonding, Solution Chemistry, Periodicity, Kinetics, Equilibrium, Acids and Bases, Redox and Electrochemistry, Coordination Chemistry.

What will be expected of me?

Moderate amounts of homework, laboratory experiments.

How is the course taught?

Recitations, laboratory lessons.

What are the completion requirements?

Class exams, final exams, class participation, laboratory reports.

Are there any special demands, costs, etc.?

There may be some moderate costs associated with this course.

Details and pre/co-requisities:

Pre-requisite: Chemistry 2. This is a one-year course. If you enroll in AP Chemistry for the fall, you will automatically be programmed for it in the spring.

Restrictions: Students must have a minimum overall average of 92% and a minimum average of 94% in Chemistry.

Note: This is a double period class. You must commit to completing the entire year and taking the AP Exam.