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Chemistry Courses
Advanced Chemistry Lab

Course Description

Advanced Chemistry Lab is geared for students who enjoyed the lab component of Regents chemistry, are interested in learning new laboratory techniques, and working with chemical concepts in a hands-on environment.  The class is modeled after traditional college-level freshmen chemistry lab courses and focuses on conducting experiments, collecting qualitative and quantitative data, analyzing data, drawing valid conclusions based on the data, and performing error analysis.  There are no tests given in this class, but there are two quizzes for each lab; one focuses on the calculations necessary for data analysis, the other focuses on error analysis, procedure/technique details, and the underlying chemical concepts behind the lab.   Students are expected to follow written and verbal directions as well as conduct themselves in a safe manner when in the lab.
Details and pre/co-requisites:

Pre-requisite: must have completed SC1 and SC2 with 85 or better in Regents Chemistry.  This course is open to all juniors, all seniors, and second term sophomores with the recommendation of their current chemistry teacher.  Students with poor/irregular attendance are NOT recommended to take this class, as labs cannot be made up at a later date.