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Chemistry Courses
Chemistry Research
Course Description

Chemistry Research is a course for students who are interested in conducting scientific research in chemistry at a local university or laboratory and for students who plan to submit a research paper to the Regeneron Talent Search, Siemens Science Competition and/or the New York City Science and Engineering Fair in their senior year. The course is designed to guide students from the selection of a research topic through the submission of a research paper to a major science research competition. The objectives of the course include choosing an appropriate topic through student-teacher consultations, reading scientific papers, writing research papers, finding a research mentor, learning how to write a scientific paper, discussing research techniques, giving oral presentations and using a computer to prepare a research paper for a major science research competition. The student must be prepared to spend a great deal of time outside of the classroom, usually at a research site, conducting independent research. The majority of the students conduct their research at a university laboratory over the summer.

Course Requirements

The students must have taken Modern Chemistry and received at least a 90% in both the fall and spring terms and the students must have an overall average of at least 90%, a science average of at least 90% and a math average of at least 90%. Please see Mr. Thomas in Room 901 if you are interested. This single-period, two-term course fulfills the two-term, technology requirement only if a research paper is submitted to a major science competition such as the Regeneron Science Talent Search, the Siemens Science Competition or the New York Science and Engineering Fair in the fall of senior year. This course does not fulfill the science elective requirement.