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Physics Courses
AP Physics C

Who should take this course?
Future Physics, Mathematics, and Engineering majors in college.

What will we be studying?
Classical mechanics and electromagnetism.

What will be expected of me?
This is a very demanding calculus-based, university-level introductory Physics course. Homework assignments are very long.

How is the course taught?
Daily in class lectures and biweekly labs.

What are the completion requirements?
Passing average on class exams, final exam, and lab reports.

Are there any special demands, costs, etc.?
There may be some moderate costs associated with this course.

Details and pre/co-requisites:
Prerequisite: Physics with a minimum overall average of 92%, a minimum Physics average of 94% and the completion of AP Calculus AB (94% average) or AP Calculus BC (92% average).

Students may take AP Physics C concurrently with AP Calculus BC, provided the student meets the criteria of both departments.

This is a one-year course. If you enroll in the fall you will automatically be enrolled for the second semester in the spring. Students must commit themselves to completing the entire year and take the AP exam (there are no exceptions).