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Physics Courses
Plasma Physics

Course Description
An introductory course on the subject of plasma physics with a focus on the basic plasma equations and characteristic parameters of various types of discharges. The course will include an introduction into the nature of plasma and will cover single-particle motions, fluid representations, wave manifestations, transport properties and equilibrium. Students will learn about debye shielding, plasma frequencies, collision rates, mean-free paths, atomic processes, adiabatic invariance, ambipolar diffusion, plasma heating, and magnetic confinement.

Course Laboratory
An introductory lab on the subject of plasma physics and experimentation with a focus on the laboratory techniques used to measure and control the properties and behavior of plasma. The laboratory will include an introduction into the nature of vacuum, and will cover the various types of discharges and experimental techniques used in plasma processing.

Course Textbook
Principles of Plasma Discharges and Materials Processing by Michael A. Lieberman and Allan J. Lichtenberg.

Reference Guide
Naval Research Laboratory's Plasma Formulary

Details and pre/co-requisites:
Co-requisites: AP Physics B or C Level.

Grading Policy
10% Participation, 10% Lab Notebook, 10% Paper, 30% Tests, 40% Project