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Physics Courses
Modern Physics

Who should take this course?
Seniors who have a strong interest and ability in physics.

Course Description:
This course will introduce students to the subject of modern physics with a specific focus on the application of nanotechnology. Students will learn about the foundations of modern physics including relativity, wave-particle duality, atomic structure, quantum mechanics, the hydrogen atom, many-electron atoms, molecules, statistical mechanics, solid state physics, nuclear structure, nuclear transformations and elementary particles as well as some advanced topics related to photonics, lasers and nanotechnology. In addition, students will be required to complete an advanced hands-on project related to modern physics and nanotechnology. These projects might include designing and building a UV lithography apparatus for printing sub-micron structures, designing and developing a laser technique for measurement the thickness of thin-film silicon dioxide, or designing and building a simple cantilever for an atomic force microscope. Students will also gain experience working on-site with our Scanning Electron Microscope.

What are the course topics?
Relativity, Wave-Particle Duality, Atomic Structure, Quantum Mechanics, the Hydrogen Atom, Many-Electron Atoms, Molecules, Statistical Mechanics, Solid State Physics, Nuclear Structure, Nuclear Transformations and Elementary Particles.

Physics 1 & 2 with a minimum Physics Average of 92%
Overall average of 90%
Math average of 92%
Calculus as a pre- or co-requisite.

This is a full-year course that will meet 5 periods a week.