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Social Studies Courses
Global History 1 & 2

Who should take this course?

This is the required Social Studies course for students in the ninth grade.

What will we be studying?

The course is a chronological study of world history. HGS41 will examine history's culture from the Ancient World to the Crusades. The HGS42 course will start with Feudalism and continue to approximately 1770.

What will be expected of me?

Daily reading and written assignments will be required. Social Studies classes demand discussion; students will be expected to share their views with other students in the class.

How is the course taught?

There are no lectures. Each lesson is taught as a discussion lesson. On occasion, teachers use mock trials, debates, small group work or guest speakers to vary their presentation.

What are the completion requirements?

Approximately six full-period examinations are scheduled. In addition, students have daily written homework, occasional quizzes, a departmental final examination, and a term paper/term project. Class discussion is also expected of every student.