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Social Studies Courses

AP U.S. History

Who should take this course?

AP United States History is a year-long course designed for those students entering the 11th grade.

What will we be studying?

The AP United States History course is designed to be the equivalent of an introductory United States history course taken during the first year of college. The course is divided into two parts that trace the development of American political, social, economic, and intellectual growth. Part I covers material from the Age of Exploration to the Civil War/Reconstruction Era while Part II covers material from the Post-Reconstruction Era to contemporary times.

What will be expected of me?

The AP United States History course requires you to address lengthy time periods and complex political and social developments, not simply individual facts. The course themes, summarizing historical trends in America's growth, constitute the basis of the examinations and papers. There is a strong emphasis on interpretation/analysis of history through active participation in class discussion as well as through the extensive writing program incorporated in the course. You must be prepared to read approximately 10 pages of the textbook a night in addition to research required for papers. The course gives much of the responsibility of "learning the facts" directly to the student so strong note taking skills are necessary to successfully complete the course. This is a college level course, requiring more reading, writing and critical historic analysis than regular Regents level courses.

How is the course taught?

In teaching this course , class discussion, lecture, debate, and collaborative learning methods will be used.

What are the completion requirements?

Students will take approximately 10 examinations, submit 6-8 papers, complete the reading of an extensive textbook and supplementary text on historical essays, and prepare for the AP Exam in May.

Are there any special demands, costs, etc?

An AP course requires an enormous personal commitment. Time demands may interfere with other course work or extra- curricular activities.

Details and pre/co-requisites:

Minimum Social Studies average of 91%. This is a full-year course and cannot be dropped mid-year: you will automatically be programmed for the Spring.