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Social Studies Courses

AP Comparative Government

Who should take this course?

Students who have taken or are presently enrolled in H7V, American Government, or H7PX, A.P. American Government, and who are interested in the world's diverse political structures and practices.

What will we be studying?

A comparative study of six nations--Britain, Russia, China, Nigeria, Mexico and Iran--serves as a core of the course. By examining the political implications of different types of social and economic development, students become familiar both with general political concepts and with a broad array of specific issues, and they are able to use their knowledge as a template for examining contemporary events in other countries.

What will be expected of me? How is the course taught?

Students will be expected to attend class, participate in discussions, complete reading and writing assignments, and prepare for the Advanced Placement Exam in May. The course will culminate in a role-play combined with a thesis paper.

Details and pre/co-requisites:

This is a one term, Spring term only, course. This course does not replace the required US Government one-term required course for graduation. This class is an elective only. Students should have at least a 91% average in social studies.