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Social Studies Courses

Modern China

Who should take this course?

This course is open to all seniors who are interested in modern China, its culture, traditions, and history. Juniors may also take this class but seniors will get priority. 

What will we be studying?

Modern China will examine China's rise as an economic and geopolitical power. In 2014 China surpassed the US to become the world’s leader in trade. While China’s Gross Domestic Product is not expected to surpass the US for another 10 years, by some measures of GDP, it already has. Is this why President Trump is provoking a trade war? China is now building military infrastructure beyond its borders for the first time in centuries. How will this impact the strategic balance of power in the world? We will also spend time looking at domestic issues in China. Western politicians assumed that China's move toward capitalism would necessitate moves toward freedom and democracy. Is that turning out to be true? How is the role of women evolving in modern Chinese society? How does China's educational system compare to ours? The course will explore these and other issues primarily through current news articles in both western and Chinese (English) media.