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Social Studies Courses

New York City History

Who should take this course?

Seniors with an intense desire to learn how New York City became the diverse metropolis it is today.

What will we be studying?

Nearly four hundred years of political, economic, social and cultural precedents and changes undergone by the area now included within the five boroughs.

What will be expected of me?

Regular homework, quizzes, and examinations are complemented by written reports on museum visits. A research paper term project is also required.

How is the course taught?

Classroom notes and textbook readings will elaborate upon classroom lessons in which the city's history is approached chronologically and topically.

What are the completion requirements?

Submission of completed written reports, participation in walking tours, good grades on tests and quizzes.

Are there any special demands, costs, etc.?

Students are asked to participate in two all-day historic walking tour, and perhaps half-day excursions.