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Program Office
Programming is accomplished online through student Talos accounts on talos.stuy.edu. Students need to know both their username and password of their talos.stuy.edu account to participate in online programming. It is important that personal information not be shared to ensure security and privacy. 

In the Fall term, all programming requests are made at one time. Preliminary Programming has been separated into two phases during the Spring Term. During Phase 1, students request AP courses. AP course requests may affect a student's choices for other courses. During Phase 2, students will select from the many other courses available.

Students should make decisions about course requests for the coming term based on progress in their present courses. Also, it is advisable to discuss choices with classroom teachers, School Counselors, Assistant Principals and/or department chairpersons, and parents. While programming online, it is important to follow instructions to guarantee your requests are properly registered.

Programming Process for the Academic Year
Overview and General Instructions
Fall Term Programming
Elective & Selective Course Selection (all students)
Spring Term Programming
Preliminary Programming- Phase I
Advanced Placement and Electives Requiring Departmental Approval (all students)
Preliminary Programming- Phase II
Elective & Selective Course Selection (all students)