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Instructions for registering online for Advanced Placement Courses:

Students will receive an email with a link to their Talos account and instructions for submitting their choice of courses for the following semester.  The submission period will be open in mid-November for registering for courses for Spring Semester, which will include single-term Advanced Placement courses for the Spring.  For registering for the Fall Semester, two separate forms will be open for students.  The first phase will be open in April for registering for AP courses.  The second phase will be open in May for regular courses, at which time students will know the status of their AP courses request.

Remember you are submitting requests. You will not know if you have been accepted into the courses until the Department Chairpersons have made selections based on department requirements and budgetary constraints. In Phase 2 of online programming when Chairpersons have completed selections, you will see the Advanced Placement and special classes in your request file.