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SPARK is an additional counseling service/support program where you can meet and assist others in a warm, friendly, confidential atmosphere.

SPARK has many positive initiatives.  But an important component is in making SPARK a place where any student who is having individual challenges in school, at home or is feeling socially or academically isolated can be helped.  We understand the competitive nature at Stuyvesant and know how stressful it can be.  We're here for you everyday.  For anyone to drop by and talk to a counselor or a peer adviser about anything and receive individual assistance and guidance.

SPARK does its best to contribute to all aspects of community life and community engagement.  We call this initiative "Stuy UNITY / One Stuy = Building Stronger Connections.!"  Through Stuy UNITY, we create a platform for student voices to be heard and leadership opportunities for all students to participate in constructive, pro-social activities that enhances citizenship, empathy, healthy choices and decision making, personal and social development and worldviews to name a few.

All of these aforementioned concepts and participation are initiated through youth-community activism, pro-social bonding, positive alternatives, social-interest club networking, community and social education, multicultural competency and prevention-intervention services/outreach and much more.

If you are interested in learning more and getting involved in SPARK, then please come by and visit our office in Room 726 or contact us via email: acolon@stuy.edu.  We definitely look forward to meeting you!

"Confidentiality is honored and respected!"

Kind Regards, Angel Colon​​​​​​​