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What is meant by multiculturalism? How is culture relevant to us and to our everyday way of life?  Ask yourself if you can distinguish in understanding the differences between cultural diversity and multiculturalism.  What is the meaning and/or origin of your own cultural identity?  In all honesty, none of these questions are easy to answer as your personal responses, thoughts and beliefs will vary and change with new information, new experiences and current life/news events.  Nonetheless, this is a start in your personal self-reflection and conversation with friends, family or any social forum.

To best answer some of the above questions is to first sit back and self-explore whether you feel culturally competent, culturally aware and culturally sensitive in willing to learn about all world cultures and languages.  First understand that all cultures are both similar and unique and should be acknowledged and respected. So in very few words, "Culture is universal!  Culture is everything!"  It can serve as a means in not just examining yourself but in assessing individuals, groups, and diverse community settings regarding their cultural beliefs, values and practices as a means to determine needs, observances, appropriate forums and future interventions.

A Multicultural Self-Study: One cannot begin to become knowledgeable about interacting with groups of culturally different people without some level of understanding about who you are culturally. The goal of this self–study is for you to think about your own cultural background and your attitudes about individuals of different cultural backgrounds, including racial/ethnic, sexual orientation, age and socioeconomic differences.

We have somewhere between 75-80 nationalities that represents the diversities of Stuyvesant High School. So please feel free in joining this diverse coalition and engaging your community.  We encourage all communities to explore and partake in many diverse events, celebrations and observances throughout the year.  In doing so, we hope to promote and cultivate a safe space with respect and an open-minded understanding and awareness that will strengthen our cultural awareness, ethnic identity, gender expression, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities and all forms of community/cultural inclusiveness as a strength in bettering our education and all communities.

Diversity Clubs @ Stuy: ASPIRA, Black Students League, Feminist Society, Homeless Coalition, Japanese Culture Club, Jewish Students Union, Muslim Students Association, Peer Partnership, South Asian Youth Association, Spectrum and many more.