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Mr. Arthur Griffith, Jr.

Welcome to Mr. Griffith's Portal:

Technical Drawing Class:
For those students who need  help with their drawings or need a little insight with some of the drawing concepts
Never fear help is here!
 One of our technical drawing professionals Mr. Rothenberg is giving AIS Drafting Tutoring for any student wishing to master their drafting skills!
This program will be available in room:
1004 or 1017

The new schedule for AIS drafting : Every Tuesday after school


**********                  Teacher absence notice section.            ********
Greetings students:
I will not be in class on Wednesday 4-03-2019
I will be in class on Thursday 4-04-2019

For my advance class:
complete assignment 9 and save it on your  desktop

For my drafting class:
Continue working on plate 2



Office hours are:
Period :3
Period :5
Period :8
Period :9

In room 438