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Stuyvesant ARISTA is Stuyvesant High School's Honor Society. We strive to proudly serve our community and aspire to be the role models and leaders of the future.

Stuyvesant ARISTA is composed of around 250 juniors and seniors. Applications will be available in February for current sophomore and junior students. Prospective applicants will need a minimum overall grade point average of 92, and ARISTA membership will be determined after a thorough review of grades, extracurricular activities, and their responses to three open-response questions.

Members are expected to uphold the four pillars of ARISTA (character, leadership, scholarship, and service) by being active members of our community, which includes participating in school events (open house, parent-teacher conference monitors, etc.) or volunteer opportunities with organizations throughout NYC. Additionally, ARISTA members are expected to tutor underclassmen and fellow students through AIS, peer-tutoring, our online essay editing service, and through study guides they submit to our ARISTA study guide bank.

If you are an underclassman who wishes to request a one-on-one ARISTA tutor, you can create an account to do so at https://stuyarista.org/create. If you would like to utilize our essay editing service, you would also have to create an account to do so. However, our study guides are open to anyone with or without an account! 
 If you have any questions, contact us via the “Email Us” tab on stuyarista.org. 

If you already are a member, you can log in and view important information on our website at http://stuyarista.org. Here you will be able to view your credits, sign up for tutoring and events, and view a calendar of upcoming events. 

Everyone is invited to like our Facebook page to be kept up to date with events and to view photos of ARISTA volunteers at work! This is the link: https://www.facebook.com/ARISTA-Stuyvesant-High-Schools-National-Honor-Society-719094108157728/ 

Executive Council 
Julia Arancio 

Vice President of Events 
Lucy Zhang 

Vice President of Operations 
Crystal Wang 

Vice President of Web Development 
Ivan Zhang